Surf Ritual

I had an idea for a thrash metal band with a surf theme. To my knowledge nothing like this exists and it’s definitely something that I wish did. I made an album cover for this imaginary “surf metal” band. If you know anything about metal then you know Slayer (or SLAAAAAAYEEEEEER!!! as they’re commonly known) READ MORE

The Jackson 5 vs Reel Big Fish – I Want Beer Back

Ever wondered what might have been if a young Michael Jackson had bypassed his Motown beginnings in The Jackson 5 and instead lent his silky smooth prepubescent vocal talent to the upbeat ska tones of California’s Reel Big Fish? Well wonder no more! I’ve done the legwork and here’s what I’ve come up with… READ MORE

Nirvana vs Radiohead – Come as a Creep

I’m not a big fan of bands that replace their lead singer. Especially when it’s a band where the remaining members were just a glorified backing band like Nirvana. Needless to say Kurt Cobain was one of a kind and ultimately irreplaceable but I think if anyone could fill his shoes with credibility it’s Thom READ MORE

Murcott and Govender

There have been some legendary songwriting duos throughout musical history – Lennon and McCartney, Page and Plant, Jagger and Richards, Simon and Garfunkel… and now Murcott and Govender! If you’d like to hear some of their collaborations then check out their musical love child Dustland Express. READ MORE