Street Fighter 2

A “remake in progress” of the cult 90s arcade classic Street Fighter 2 that I made for fun using the JavaScript game framework ImpactJS. It includes all the arenas which are selected at random and currently there are only 2 playable characters – Ryu and Zangief – but I’d like to add more in the future if I ever get the time. It’s a pretty hefty load so best to just get on with something else and wait for the intro music to start. I like to think it’s worth the wait though! READ MORE

Zuma Kong

A remake of the 8-bit classic Donkey Kong with a South African twist. In Zuma Kong instead of rescuing your girlfriend from a horny gorilla the aim is to get back the people of South Africa’s tax money before Jacob Zuma can blow it all on another ridiculously exorbitant addition to his mansion. READ MORE