Pins & Needles (2005 – 2006)

Pins & Needles - The uncomfortable return to feeling

I was a co-founder of and contributor for the legendary (or so I am told) satire website Pins & Needles.

Pins & Needles started out as a bi-monthly online music, culture and satire magazine but soon turned into an online free for all. It showcased the amazing writing talents of Elvis Sunshine, Jupiter Jones, Rubin Rubins and Binky the Clown to name but a few while getting a small cult following in the process.

blunt magazine (2007 – 2008)


I was a columnist for the South African skate / surf / music / alternative culture monthly publication blunt magazine writing under the pseudonym Spike Savage. My column spanned 13 issues ending in 2008 when the magazine closed down.

Spike Savage (2008 – 2010)

Spike Savage - I'm like a brain tumor cos I get inside your head

When blunt magazine went under and I lost my monthly vent I continued the ramblings of my politically incorrect alter ego on the blog spikesavage.co.za.

2010 and beyond

Despite trying to whore myself to various South African and New Zealand magazines and companies including SL Magazine, Vice Magazine, The Groove Guide and Mediaworks I have yet to find a new home for my writing.